Earthshine Druid Grove

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We were born in the Spring of 2008, we grew in a lovely space among the trees up on Coombe Hill in the Chilterns. Feeling a change in the energies there we came to Pednor where we felt the urge to go deeper into our personal Druid path.

We chose not to follow any particular Order of Druids preferring to create ritual from the heart and pulse of the season as it felt to us each year. Our members studied various traditions and this enriched our joint experience.

Then came a time when we each felt a called by our guiding spirits along a certain path and, since this was to take us in different directions, we let go the spiritual space that was Earthshine Grove with grateful thanks to our guiding spirits for the beautiful journey. This was in Autumn 2019, the time of harvest.

The Grove has seen many lovely people pass through and walk beside us for a while before moving on in their own way. All are remembered here and blessings sent to each of us as we embark on our new path and our ever deepening connection with Earth.


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Druidry is pantheistic. Having said that, there are many who do not acknowledge gods at all preferring to link into the energy of a place, embracing all of nature.

There is more information about Gods and Goddesses on the Deity page.


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Druidry is a way of life and as we meet our personal guides and work with the spirit in all things, it changes us. It is up to each to decide how far they wish to go.

Within these pages you will find some guidance. But there are many ways to be a Druid or to express Druidry. On the contact page you will find links to other groups and orders that will broaden your perspective.