Earthshine Contemporary Druid Grove

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We are an independent Druid Grove meeting in the Chiltern Hills near Wendover. We are a pretty private bunch when it comes to ritual but open up quite happily to talk about our Druidry to those who are interested.

We are not part of any particular Order of Druids preferring to create ritual from the heart and pulse of the season as it feels to us each year. We have members who are studying various traditions and this enriches our joint experience.

Our Aim

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If we are to put it in words, our aim is to reconnect with our Mother Earth; to live our lives consciously taking responsibility for our actions; and to deepen our spiritual commitment to this land with the help of our spiritual guides. And if that all sound terribly lofty, let's remind ourselves that this is an aim, the doing may take a lifetime or more.

The path of a Druid is a personal experience. Although we can share those experiences to deepen our understanding, and we can use the same 'tools' to help us as we journey, we must each take responsibility for our own actions. We do this in our own time, at our own pace.

Our Deity

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Druidry is pantheistic. Having said that, there are many who do not acknowledge gods at all preferring to link into the energy of a place, embracing all of nature.

Our Grove is dedicated to the Goddess Mother Earth and Chiltona, and to the God Cernunnus whose depiction on the Gundestrup Cauldron is shown above.

As part of this dedication, all our rites are held outside on the slopes and woods, whatever the weather.

There is more information about Gods and Goddesses on our Deity page.

Our Website

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Within these pages you will find an explanation of how we see our Druidry working in our daily life. If it resonates with you, please feel free to get in touch.

There are, however, many ways to be a Druid or to express Druidry. On our contact page you will find links to other groups and orders that will broaden your perspective.