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Getting to grips with Druidry as part of our life can be a bit confusing at first, so we run workshops and courses from time to time to help people looking to take the next step.

A good place to start is with our workshops at Laceys Yard. We spend the year getting to understand the Wheel of Life and how to walk the path. If you feel that this works for you, then Druidry may well be the path for your to walk. Details of this year's workshops are set out below.

The Mysteries of the Wheel of Life

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In this series of workshops we discover the mysteries of the Wheel of Life and its power to help us in our daily life.

2016 Workshop Dates:

Tuesday evenings starting at 7:30 pm
Evenings include seasonal meditation and/or drumming journey.

Imbolc Awakening - Tuesday 9th February - Looking Forward
Surging Spring - Tuesday 22nd March - Planting and Growing
Beautiful Beltane - Tuesday 3rd May - Love in the Air
Midsummer Heights - Tuesday 14th June - Dreams and Visions
Lammas Reap - Tuesday 2nd August - Bread of Life
Autumn Gathering - Tuesday 20th September - Preparation
Samhain Reckoning - Tuesday 1st November - Looking Back
Deep Midwinter - Tuesday 13th December - Womb and Tomb

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Venue: Laceys Yard, High Street, Chesham, Bucks, HP5 1BU
Call to book your place: 01494 771324

Session costs: £10 per evening
Book all eight workshops: £40

Free parking in Chesham central car park. Park in front of Town Hall and walk through to High Street. Laceys Yard is just opposite to the left.
See map.

The Celtic Quest

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The Quest is a journey of self discovery.

The knight's quest can be compared with what is now generally understood as shamanic journeying. The deep forest through which the knights moved, making their own path, is the journey we make into Otherworld. Once in Otherworld we meet with various beings, some helpful some sent to test us. We learn how to relate to the trials we are sent and so grow spiritually.

As we find our way through the forest, we hone our own integrity and hope to become worthy to be called a Knight of the Round Table.


This one day workshop will take us on a Quest to the Grail and beyond.


Date: Saturday 23rd April 2016 - 9.30am for 10am start

Venue: Great Mongeham near Deal, Kent

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Magic of the Woods

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Learn how to see the wood through the trees.

This is an introduction to trees. Trees are the lungs of the planet. They root deeply into the earth and reach up to the sky. They live in all three worlds and have much to teach us.

This workshop will be set in the ancient woods near the Ashridge Monument and will include guided meditation and journeying.

Download our information PDF here: Magic of the Woods. If you would like to attend please send us an email. (To: info <at> this website)


Date: 11th September 2016

Cost: £7.50