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My birth name is Donna Forbes, my Druid name, Harrier.

Discovering Druidry was like a veil being lifted from the confusion of spiritual possibilities. My formative years were surrounded by a mixture of Spiritualism, Christianity, and Rosicrucianism which created an interesting foundation but I was uncertain how to build upon it.

Seeking clarity, I joined the Christian church where I became involved with young people's work teaching what I knew and began studying to become a lay-preacher. But I felt that 'churchianity' and various manipulations had clouded the truth behind the original thought. I looked to the good in people instead of the guiding hand of a teacher/God. This lead me to Humanism, looking to philosophy to understand humankind and to use toleration and acceptance as a way forward but this created a spiritual void, an emptiness withi me.

Nonetheless, all these teachings helped to pave the path I had to make for myself. In a moment of tranquility, the ancient spirits of this land called me back on to my spiritual path and, after experiencing what I would later call the 'Awen', I came to know the wonder of Gaea. Our Goddess, our Mother, our Planet. It was this realisation led me to discover Druidry.

Synchronicity led me to meet Christine (Vixxen) Cleere and I joined an early evolution of her WildSpirit Grove. Vixx was an enormous help to me in those early days, so also was Rob Wilson whose introductory course helped me find my feet. Since then, every year brings new opportunities and new insights. I have followed a more shamanic path, working with the ancient texts of our Celtic tradition and formed a deeper bond with our planet.

I worked with Keri Manning-Dedman at Gaea in Wendover (sadly now gone) running a workshop with the aim of helping people rediscover their connection with the Earth. It was here that Gordon and I felt the call for a deeper commitment to Druidry in our local area and this led to the formation of the Earthshine Grove.

By this time I was also one of the Priests who lead the Gorsedd of the Bards of Cor Gawr, better known as Stonehenge. I take it as a great honour to be able to conduct ritual in those ancient Stones walking in the footsteps of our ancestors. I was able to express this in an interview for BBC Radio 4's programme 'Beyond Belief'.

The Druids were the wise ones of these Isles and the truth of their teachings and understanding of life on this planet is now being rediscovered. This is an important step for mankind. We have been forgetting how to live 'with' the Earth choosing instead to live 'on' her. This awareness has led me to commit to living more sustainably and increases my joy at the beauty of the world around us.

I count myself as very lucky to have the support of my husband, Bobbie, who understands my philosophy if not wholly embracing Druidry himself.


celtic knot

Hello, I am known as White Raven, and sometimes as Gordon. I am in my 40something summer, and have been a pagan for decades; I have been walking on the Druid way for many years now.

My spiritual path is animistic and shamanistic and very much from the background of Bobcat’s teaching. I have studied with Christine Cleere, OBOD and the Order of Druids of Albion. I live locally to where the Grove meets at Coombe Hill.

Earthshine Grove came into being as a direct result of a need for a local Druid Grove. Also where the Grove meets called out and this confirmed the place where the Grove carries out its rituals.

Earthshine Grove rituals are simple, guided by the spirit at the time, but held with deepest honour and respect. Grove rituals can be light hearted at times and then deep and truly profound at others depending on the time within the wheel of the year and the flow of Awen at the time.

We try to hold a moot prior to each ritual to discuss the format of the ritual and what that festival and time of year means to us as Druids. These are serious but sensible with food brought to share.