Earthshine Grove Ritual

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Ritual is about celebrating the Earth/Sun energy. Druids work with the seasons in all that they do, so the rhythm of nature is already pulsing through our veins and there is a natural calling to mark the stages of the year.

Our rites, therefore, reflect this rhythm. Imbolc, at the waking of the year is a gentle rite; Spring is full of promise; Beltaine has much drumming and festivity, and so on.

Prior to each rite, a few of us get together to discuss how we feel we want to celebrate. So our rites are never the same from one year to the next. We do, however, work within a format which is set out below.

The results of the meeting are then sent to all members of the grove so they can prepare.


Making Ritual

celtic knot

We generally calls the Sun rites 'Festivals' and the cross quarter rites 'Celebrtations'.

Prior to any ritual, it is important to ask permission on the Spirits of Place. We must be prepared that they may decline, just because we have met there before it cannot be assumed that this will always be the case.

We have found that we get more from a rite if we take a moment before we start. So we open our awareness to the woods, the sounds, and breathe in the peace.

With relaxed shoulders then, we start our rite by making our offering to the spirits. Volunteers may offer to take part in the opening and closing sequences. All of these stages are to raise our awareness and deepen our connection.

The rite itself is made by those attending. Prior to any rite some members o the grove will gather to plan our form of ritual for that season, each rite is unique and appropriae to the mood of that year.

We then share the bread and mead together thanking our Mother for all that she gives us. After this we share any inspiration we may have had since the last rite, or something we read that seems apposite.

We close the rite and thank the spirits for holding us taking care to leave the ritual site clean and clear so that none would know we had been there save for our offerings to the spirits.

Form of Ritual

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Permission sought from the Spirits of Place

Pre-ritual focus and centring

Greet the Spirits of Place and ask them to hold our gathering

Offerings to Spirits of Place

Call for Peace

Grove folk form Sacred Space by connection and holding hands

Greet and honour our Ancestors of womb, tomb and standing stone

Honour the Lord and the Lady

Remembrance of absent grove folk and others in need

Honour the Three Worlds – Land, Sea and Sky

The Declaration (Purpose of the Rite restated for focus)

The Rite

The energy of the rite sent to those we named

Bread and Mead (or equivalent)

Eisteddfod (sharing poems or songs we have written)

The Druid Oath

Intone the Awen

Prepare to close the rite

Three Worlds are thanked

Ancestors are thanked

The sacred space is opened as we let go the energy forming our temple

Spirits of Place thanked and the ritual is closed in peace