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There are many books written about modern Druidry. There is a saying that where you have three Druids together, there you will have three different versions of Druidry. Yet, despite our differences, much of the core principle is the same, it is just how we do it, who we take as our deity, and how we make our ritual that is different.

It may be of use to compare the Druidry as expressed by Emma Restall-Orr, founder of the Druid Network, Phillip Carr-Gomm of OBOD, and the shamanic approach by John Matthews.

For a serious historical background try "The Druids" by Ronald Hutton. For insights about the Celtic system see Peter Berresford-Ellis's book also called "The Druids".

Much of our old mythology is available for free download via Kindle and other places. The Mabinogion and other Celtic tales are available from Sacred Texts.

To help with pronunciation of Mabinogion characters, whatch Cerys Matthews' production on the Secret Life of Books - The Mabinogion which she recorded for BBC Scotland.


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If you are looking for more about Druidry or Druid events the following links may be of assistance:


The Druid Network

Order of Bards Ovates and Druids (OBOD)

British Druid Order (BDO)

Bards of Cor Gawr (Stonehenge)


Other Druid groups in this area:

Chiltern Nemeton Grove

Catuvellauni Group - see listing under Celtic Earth Spirit

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