The Meaning of Earthshine

celtic knot

When the new moon hangs in the sky of an evening, or the old moon in the mornings, we can sometimes see the shape of the full orb, even though the sun is only shining on the part that makes the crescent. This darker shape is being lit by the brilliance of our own planet shining in the sun.

Meditating on this one evening, feeling that connection between the Earth, Moon and Sun, it became obvious that this wa a liminal place.

Earthshine has a certain fascination for most people. It is only in recent times that we have been able to see images of our own planet from space, they never fail to invoke awe. Our blue gem in her own setting, the darkness of space speckled with the diamond light of the stars.

Sometimes we can sit on our planet, see the Moon and then beyond her, another planet, just as Venus shines in the evening sky in our picture. Like stepping stones leading into the deeper reaches beyond.

The Earth is our home in space. Home to millions of human beings which we share with myriad more beings in land, sea, and sky. We are not the only ones that matter here.

Our planet shines in space with a blue light, declaring that there is life on Earth. From space we look beautiful and at peace. When we connect with her, we find that we can shine just a beautifully and be at peace.

The Earthshine Grove is a place to deepen our connection with Mother Earth, learning to channel her light within our lives.