Wheel of Life

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One day; one lunar cycle; one year; one incarnation.

All of these can be laid upon the Wheel of Life. It connects us to our past, to our future, it shows us who we are.

The energy of the new day surges, then lapses into sleep; the new moon waxes, then wanes into another cycle; the power of the sun on the land grows through the year and then diminishes; and so our time on earth from our birth to our death is a cycle of energy that waxes and wanes before returning to the earth.

Cycles are evident in all things. We now know that our planet recycles herself, as new land erupts from the depths so the old is taken back via the mechanism of tectonic plates. All galaxies have a black hole in the centre taking the energy to… who knows where?

In the physical world, no particular state lasts forever; everything that comes, comes to pass. As you look back on your own life you will see evidence of this.

Working with the Wheel of Life

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In Druidry, we work with the Sun cycle, this is what gives our land its vitality. As we connect with nature, so we channel this energy into all that we do. To do otherwise only depletes our personal resources and we become ill.

Following the sun cycle also connects us to our ancestors. We remind ourselves of how they would have lived in the agricultural year that we are experiencing. Would there have been famine or abundance, was life hard or blessed?

It is no surprise then, that Druids love to celebrate the eight points in the year when the Earth energies change. These are stages in our work for the year. Gathering together at these times gives us the chance to share our ups and downs, our achievements or struggles. Most of all we gather to give our thanks to Mother Earth, to our deity and spirit guides, to our ancestors. As we give thanks, so we root and reconnect with all that is important and come away strengthened and encouraged.

See Working with the Seasons

The Wheel as a Personal Guide

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The Wheel is something we will be presented with once we step on to the Druid's path, the path through the woods. For the Wheel shows us our life.

We can walk the Wheel casually, simply observing what it shows us. At a first glance many things will be in order, maybe one or two things we might want to change but, one the whole, the Wheel looks just fine.

We step back on to our path and enjoy our new found connection with the woods but, very soon, we find the Wheel is ahead of us again.

This time we need to take a closer look. For the Wheel is showing us the way forward, the true way. This work is done at a much deeper meditative level.

Meditation is part of a Druid's life. Quiet contemplation, listening to our spirit guides, renewing our connection to the land or place, awareness of the natural world around us. In these moments, many of the things that trouble us in daily life are suddenly resolved or seen in a new light. For when we connect to our Mother, she gives us strength and insight.

The Wheel and the Earthshine Grove

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There is a lot to take in here, and it is something we address within the Earthshine Grove. For although we have to take responsibility for our personal journey, we can still discuss things with each other, seek advice, and learn about the tools we can use to help with the options presented to us.

A word of warning then, that Druidry will change your life! The speed of the change is up to you. Better to sit with each flower you see along the path, than to rush headlong and not see the flowers at all.